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Ruskin Bond an Indian author of British descent wrote the best books. He lives in Missouri. Ruskin Bond is held responsible for the growth of children’s literature in India.

He has won many awards in literature including the Padmashri and the Padma Bhushan. He has written a lot of books and quite a few of those have been converted into movies.

As well he has written several short story collections, anthologies novels, and even nonfiction. He also happens to be the author you want to read when you want to de-stress yourself Ruskin bond is a perfect author to read. So here are the most popular works of Ruskin Bond

Books by Ruskin bond -Top 10 Novels


Ruskin bond books -A flight of pigeons

 Flight Of  Pigeons

It has more of a novella set in 1857.  It features a girl named Ruth.  In front of her eyes, Ruth’s father killed. The Indian rebelled again all the Britishers in the small town called Shahjahanpur. 

Ruth’s surviving family has to take the help of Muslims and Hindus to get to safety.  This novella is part fiction and part nonfiction. Ruskin Bond has this incredible knack for capturing the vibe of small towns.

you know you must read these books if you are looking to get that vibe of small towns in India and yes this book was also converted into a movie called – moon.

 Our Trees Still Grow in Dehra Books by Ruskin bond

Our Trees Still Grow in Dehra

The book is fourteen short stories, semi-autobiographical. In nature with all of these set in Dehradun.  Through these short stories, we meet the author’s family.

His friends and a lot of people left an impression on him. Each story in This book is meant to trace the water slide from childhood to adulthood.  He also documents his voyages through cities like Mumbai, Delhi, and then finally back to the Himalayas.

Tales and Legends From India 


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It is a collection of short stories. This book has three sections.  Each section has a bunch of short stories. All of these stories in this book featured mythical tales popular in different regions of India.

It’s a brilliant book to expose yourselves to for clothes. The tales passed from generation to generation in India. as kids brought up in urban settings. We may not be familiar with all of these stories.

you will definitely find one or two stories that you have heard from your grandparents. The rest of them you can explore and enjoy through this book.

A Season of Ghosts


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This book contains a collection of stories, some have demons, some have Ghosts. Some stories are spooky but they clearly don’t show signs of any ghosts. Ruskin Bond has written Some stories.

Some stories someone told him. It keeps us engaged as the story slowly unfolds into many events one after the other. You couldn’t put the book down and until its end.

These stories keep you on the edge of your seat. While reading this book you kept wondering what will happen next. The stories are scary enough that they keep you awake at night. This book is somehow interesting and exciting. You can go for it.

The Room on the Roof

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It is one of the most popular works of  Ruskin Bond. It depicts a very true image of a seventeen-year-old orphan boy. The room on the roof is the story of a boy called rusty. He is now living with his gardens Mr and MRS. Harrison.

They want him to grow up as an English man but he wants to live in his teenage.  One day when he comes back after playing Holi with his Indian friends and he gets beaten up brutally.

That Time he decides to leave the home.  It is one of the critically acclaimed books written by Ruskin bond. It gives a lot of emotions to the boy.

He talks so vividly about the nature around him and how the boy rusty wants to explore everything. He has vividly explained the need to round him in the simplest and the most beautiful way.

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Tales of the Open Road: Signed As On Road With Ruskin Bond

This book is a travelogue.  It talks about the journey over the last fifty years and it includes the pictures he has taken on those journeys.

He talks about Dehradun,  Masuri, Rishikesh, Delhi, and other places he has been over 50 years. It is the travelogue that you want to read. If you want to see India that Ruskin bond saw in the last 50 years.

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