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Cecelia Ahern is a world bestseller. She is an author beloved by many, and she’s written numerous hits. It is often hard to stay track as a reader. she was conceived and experienced childhood in Dublin. Cecelia is the youngest daughter of Ireland’s Prime Minister Bertie Ahern.  She finished a degree in journalism and media contemplates. She was catapulted into the spotlight together with her hit debut novel, P.S. I really love You, which was adapted into a serious movie. Here, we gather the simplest books by Cecelia Ahern.

List Of Cecelia Ahern books


The Year I Met You

Cecelia Ahern books

The Year I met you is a thoughtful, captivating, and ultimately uplifting novel from Cecelia Ahern best books.  It is a story of a career-driven woman, Jasmine, who has two passions: her sister and her job. When she fired, she realizes that she has lost the direction of her life. During sleepless nights, she entertains herself by watching through her window the scenes staged by his neighbor, Matt.  a radio host, who forces her to stop working after one of his interviews ended in the scandal.

Jasmine has many reasons to hate Matt, and the feeling seems to be mutual. One New Year’s Eve, their paths coincide. And as the new year progresses, an unexpected friendship begins to blossom It is the story of second chances, finding the great in every dirt flung towards us, and believing the sweetness in people we thought was horrible. It has been a gorgeous story about an unlikely friendship and the way we may have more in common with people we thought we’d never get along with.

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Where Rainbows End


Cecelia Ahern books


where rainbows end is also known as love rosy. This is again another beautifully crafted novel from Cecelia Ahern best books list. It is a moving novel in which  Rosie Dunne and Alex Stewart, friends since childhood, remain inseparable through the years. They need to share both important and everyday moments, and letters, postcards, and emails are exchanged. Their lives have taken very different directions: Alex studies medicine in Boston while Rosie, in Dublin, struggles to raise her baby, the fruit of a crazy night of passion.

Where the rainbow ends present us with a selection of the fun and fresh dialogues that Rosie and Alex exchange, and that take us to know in depth their respective lives: their complicated marriages, the efforts to make their dreams come true …

This is such a miserable, however a sweet romantic tale. This book composed of its unique format. The writing style and how this book sorted out and made up totally of letters, messages, texts, and so forth splendid. highly recommend it to fans of romantic comedy.


If you could see me now


Cecelia Ahern books


This is a breezy romantic comedy and fantasy. The book set in a small town in Ireland. If you could see me now is a  romantic, and full of life novel from the author of PS: I love you. It is about two lost souls who find each other in the most unexpected way.

Everything has a place in Elizabeth Egan’s life, from the espresso cups in her gleaming kitchen to the work supplies in her interior design business. Order and precision help keep life under control and prevent Elizabeth from reliving the pain she has suffered in the past. While keeping her business on track, she must grudgingly be the mother of her six-year-old nephew, so she has little room for error, and of course less for fun. Until one day, unexpectedly, Ivan enters their lives.

The mysterious Ivan is spontaneous, carefree, and always looking for adventure. He is quite the opposite of Elizabeth. Ivan finds the love of his life before she even sees him, and will teach her that life is only worth living when we allow ourselves to be blinded by its colorful and occasional confusion. But just as Elizabeth begins to trust him, it turns out that Ivan is not whom she thought he… Funny, and at times intensely moving, this is a novel that bears the personal,

This is the sort of story you absolutely vanish in. It tied in with giving up and finding your Imagination. There are so much enchantment and inventiveness covered up inside this book, it truly makes you grin. This book for the individuals who are looking for hope, for a fresh start.

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A Place Called Here


Cecelia ahern books


This is a very imaginative book and it’s based around the idea of missing things and missing people.   This book is about a woman Sandy Shortt who can remember things and dreams things that she says she’s never seen or done.

Ever since her schoolmate Jenny-May disappeared when they were both ten years old, Sandy Shortt has been obsessed with finding objects and people. Now, as an adult, she has transformed her obsession into her work: she has set up an agency dedicated to searching for missing persons.

But each unsolved case leaves Sandy with many questions. Where do the missing people go? Are they alive or dead? Have they decided to disappear or have they suffered a cruel fate? As these doubts consume her, Sandy herself disappears. And find all the answers in a magical place where all things and people who get lost go.

It is a charming story, full of mystery, emotions, and surprise. It offers a good story. at the point when you read it, you’ll see that it just truly works and helps manufacture that strain before every disclosure that turns out in the plot.


The Gift


Cecelia Ahern books


This one is a really good one to read from Cecelia Ahern best books List around Christmastime. This book focuses on a stereotypical over-working businessman called Lou and a homeless man called Gabe who sits outside of Lou’s offices.

Lou Suffern is a successful executive who does not empathize at all with the Christmas spirit that seems to have invaded everyone around him. He is the classic workaholic who never has a spare minute and spends very little time with his wife and beloved children. One morning, in an astonishing fit of generosity, he buys coffee for Gabe, a homeless man who sits on the doorstep of his office every morning.

Surprised by his own act, he decides to go further and offers Gabe a job in the parcel department of his company. But when Gabe starts to intrude too much on Lou’s life, he thinks it was all a mistake.  Gabe seems to know more about Lou than he does, and what is most disturbing to him is that Gabe seems to always be in two places at once. Gabe, for his part, has a mission to try to make Lou learn to value the things that really matter in life.

It’s a beautifully written story that leaves the reader with a delightful message about how valuable and significant the gift of time is. Cecilia Ahern consistently includes some enchantment in her books. The book wrote in an easy style. Some parts of the book make you chuckle. and some part cry yet in addition makes you think.


The Book of Tomorrow


Cecelia ahern books


The Book of Tomorrow is an entrancing story about how tomorrow can change what happens today. This book is about a girl of sixteen years by the name of Tamara Goodwin. She never giving a reconsideration to tomorrow.  Until a traveling library arrives in her tiny village and brings with it a mysterious, large leather-bound book locked with a gold clasp and padlock.

Tamara is sixteen years old, and she is rich and capricious. She lives in a mansion with her parents and what she likes the most is going shopping with her friends. Her life takes a dark turn when his father, overwhelmed by debt, decides to commit suicide. Tamara and her mother without a house or money move to the country with Rosaleen and Arthur, somewhat special cousins. Life there is calm, simple, and healthy, three things that Tamara hates deeply. But the discovery of a magical notebook, in which what is going to happen the next day is written, will change Tamara forever.

In its pages, you will find that behind the boring appearance of country life.  Rosaleen and Arthur hide a terrible secret that will lead her to know the truth about herself and her family. This is an interesting and enjoyable read with a magical twist. The story is sufficiently engaging to have you bolted. Any individual who adores mystery blended in with enchantment should check this one of the cecelia ahern best books out.


One Hundred Names


cecelia ahern books

One Hundred Names is a magical novel much the same as all of cecelia ahern best books. This recounts the tale of Katherine ‘Kitty’ Logan, who boycotted as a writer after she erroneously scandalized a teacher.  Katherine (Kitty) Logan is a journalist and has made a mistake that has ruined her professional and personal life. In addition, Constance, her friend, and editor of Etcetera magazine has just died of cancer.

However, before leaving for good, Constance left Kitty the mission to write for her the story that she could never put on paper. For this Kitty only has a list of a hundred names totally unknown to her and all the vital teachings that her mentor transmitted to her during the time that their friendship lasted.

With the pressure of the stigma that marks her and the deadlines imposed by the new editor of Etcetera, Kitty will embark on a social journey through those hundred names in search of a story to tell.

The book talks about how society can judge someone without knowing anything about him and shows that any person, no matter how insignificant they may be, can hide something very special inside. AIt is a beautiful story, with lots of twists and turns right through this. It will make you continue perusing paying little mind to time. A provocative, endearing novel.


How to fall in love by Cecelia Ahern


cecelia ahern books


This story centers around Christine Rose, who works in recruitment and has an obsession with self-improvement books.  One night Christine crosses Ha’penny Bridge in Dublin.  she sees desperate Adam Basil there. He suspended in the air, threatening to throw himself into the river. He is desperate, but Christine comes to a crazy agreement with him.  She bets him that before Adam reaches the age of thirty-five.  she will have shown him that life is worth it.

Despite her determination, Christine knows the promise she has made is so dangerous. The two embark against the clock on wild adventures. Adam seems to be falling in love with his life all over again. Now, has Christine managed to change her attitude forever? And is that the only thing that is starting to happen?

This novel is endearingly chick-lit with an incredible structure of plot and subplots, alongside some very provocative words and occasions. This book is an exceptionally charming, enamoring, and adorable read.


perfect Cecelia Ahern


cecelia ahern books

The court marks Celestine North as imperfect and her life completely fractured. she has lost all her freedom. Judge Crevan has declared her public enemy. So she turns into a ghost.  she’s on the run with the complicated and irresistible Carrick. The only person she can trust. But Celestine has a secret capable of ending the entire system that divides people between perfect and imperfect.

Judge Crevan is in the lead, and time is running out for Celestine. The tension around her mounts. Forces her to choose between saving herself or risking her life to save all the Imperfects. And what is more important: Will he be able to prove that being human is, in itself, being imperfect?

perfect Cecelia Ahern is a motivating as well as an enthralling story that will make the readers anticipating till the very end. It is the roller coaster of emotional twists. A quick read with a great premise that reminds us that we are all fallible and should be less judgemental.

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flawed Cecelia Ahern


cecelia ahern books

Celestine North has an ideal life. She is the perfect daughter and sister appreciated by her classmates and her teachers and the girlfriend of the charming Art Crevan.
When Celestine faced with a situation that forces her to make an impulsive decision, she breaks one of the Court’s rules and faces consequences that could turn her life around. You could end up in prison. They could mark it. They may discover that it is imperfect

flawed Cecelia Ahern presents a society in which perfection is the ideal and mistakes punished terribly. And in which a young woman decides to confront what established and thus risks losing everything.

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the time of my life Cecelia Ahern



Have you spent too much time ignoring your life without realizing it? Are you really who you want to be? Did you wake up one day, and, suddenly, you realize the years have passed, and you have not done anything? What if your life sent you letters asking for a date, would you go?

Lucy Silchester usually hides her head under the pillow. she has spent too much time ignoring life without wanting to realize it. She receives an invitation from her life, a male character who, like a cricket, will force her to spend every second of her present life in an authentic way until she achieves it completely. Lucy will gain personal security, she will learn to love herself and not hide and to stay closer to others, with less fear and relating to the insecurities of life in a more organic way. For all this, he will make a long personal journey through his family.

The time of my Life by Cecelia Ahern is a good story full of great characters and a few laughs.

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