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flawed Cecelia Ahern synopsis

Flawed is the debut writing Young Adult books by Cecelia Ahern. The story takes place in a country where being morally defective punished since it expects to have a society that is morally perfect. Making a bad decision, lying, being unfair, getting out of line with society and others, if found guilty in the court of the defective, people branded with a hot iron with the letter F, to indicate that they are defective In addition, certain “privileges” taken away from them so that they can live their faulty lives. In addition to this, helping a defective person considered a crime as well which could result in jail time.

flawed Cecelia Ahern summary

Celestine North has a perfect life. She is the perfect daughter and sister. Her classmates and teachers appreciate her. She the girlfriend of the charming Art Crevan. When Celestine faces a situation that forces her to make an impulsive decision, she breaks one of the Court’s rules and faces consequences that turn her life around. she ends up in prison. They mark and discover her imperfect.

flawed Cecelia Ahern review

  • In the novel, Cecelia Ahern, bestselling author of Ps: I Love You, presents a society in which perfection is the ideal and mistakes punishes terribly.
  • This book raises the eternal themes of the struggle between man and the system, love, and hate, friendship, and betrayal.
  • The author’s syllable is simple, not meager, readable easily, and quickly.
  • The book has a dynamic plot that captures from the first pages.
  • The author does not delay the beginning and very skillfully moves from one event to another, keeping the intrigue.
  • The heroes wrote well, have a variety of characters and their own view of the world.
  • The story has a slow pace, but it gets interesting as the plot progresses and it has a good ending.
  • The setting and the characters very well constructed.
  •  The narration is in the first person from Celestine’s view.
  • The prose is light and enjoyable to read
  • Each end of the chapter is an event that makes you go through the pages without detaching yourself from it for hours.
  • The language and style of the book are very light and pleasant, there are interesting and deep thoughts.
    But in some places,  there are small inconsistencies, strange and illogical moments, some unanswered questions are hanging in the air, it is not completely clear what drives some of the characters.


Overall, “Flawed” is a good representative of its genre with an adequate main character, good style, and smooth development of the plot.

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