In this post, I am writing a book review of  Life is what you make it. This book has written by Preeti Shenoy and published in 2011. It is a Fictional national bestseller.

Life is what you make it book review

Life is what you make it book review and Summary

It is also a love story that has been set in India. It is a story about a girl named Ankita who has to suffer from bipolar disorder. The story describes how she gets acquainted with her bipolar disorder and how she decides to help her own self and how she battles these situations all by herself.

Writing style, Characters, and Pace

The book starts slow but so you have to bear with speed initially to absorb the plot well. The second half is relatively fast with a lot of developments that increase the speed and make it engaging for the reader. The writing style is descriptive yet simple. The author has developed all the characters and the plot well in the initial part.

A Hook

  • To a large extent, this book is realistic and many people can relate to it well.
  • The story is elegantly crafted with a stronger and better plot.
  • This novel Gives very well insight into bipolar disorder
  • This book inspires people to fight the issue that they have in their lives and overcome them and lead a good life.
  • The feelings of a person portrayed in a true manner.


This book would enjoy those who are suffering from the down phase of life, who are in deep despair. If you are a love story lover or newbie reader then this book could be a good read for you.

Weak Points

    • The author has given unnecessary description and details at places
    • Sometimes over-stretching of the plot might let you bore
    • The book makes you a little bit confused about the protagonist character
    • The novel misses out to dictate the crucial reason why the protagonist leads to such disorder.

Strong Points

  • This book is enjoyable and you will remember it long after you have read it
  • The presentation of the plot is excellent.


Life is what you make it is an interesting story of a girl who has experienced many issues in life. .It is simple but very engaging. It is worth reading. If you want to read then buy it now on amazon.


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