In this post, you will get to read Malgudi Days by RK Narayan summary. Malgudi Days is a set of short tales written by R. K. Narayan, published in 1943. The book comprises 32 tales sets all within the fictional town of Malgudi in South India. Each story supposed to portray a unique side of life in Malgudi. 

Malgudi Days by RK Narayan summary


Biography of Rk Narayan in 100 words

Rk Narayan is an Indian author born on October 10, 1906, in Chennai. He is among the iconic writers of contemporary Indian literature.
Narayan has known for his easy literature through which he portrayed the social reality of his time. Furthermore, Narayan collected and used Hindu mythological sources for his works.
RK Narayan was a good friend of Graham Greene. His writing style has been in comparison with that of Chekhov, Faulkner, and Dickens.
His first book, Swami, and his friends revealed it in 1935. From there, his literary profession consolidated. and he started to publish a sequence of novels situated within the imaginary city of Malgudi.
Narayan acquired many awards and honors, such as the Padmabhushan. RK Narayan died on May 13, 2001, in his hometown of Chennai.

Malgudi Days by RK Narayan summary

Here is a summary of some of the stories written by RK Narayan in Malgudi Days.

1.An Astrologer’s Day-

There is an astrologer who knows completely nothing about stars or astrology. He never wished for a job but he was so poor, he couldn’t refuse a job.

Through intelligent predictions and manipulations, he made many wonderful predictions over the years. so that people would continue to make use of his services.

One day he got here across his rival, whom he thought he had murdered years ago. He disguises himself as an “astrologer” and fools his opponent and even gets rid of it.

2.The Missing Mail-

Thannappa is a type of postman. and he has a great relationship with each of his clients particularly Ramanujam. He is the senior clerk in the income department office.

The marriage of Ramanujam’s daughter finally came to an end after many ups and downs. Thorappa has decided not to send a letter to Ramanujam. which tells him about his uncle’s demise. in the hope that it’s going to not disrupt the long-awaited marriage ceremony.

3. The Doctor’s Word-It tells the story of  Dr. Raman, who believes that good phrases can not save lives. When his best good friend all sudden falls unwell. he questions his faith and utters ‘good words’ to save his good friend’s life. He does so although his friend has no hope of recovering. At the end of the story, his friend recovers. It is a medical miracle

4.Gateman’s Gift-

It narrates the story of Govind Singh has been a gatekeeper and security guard all his life. When he finally retires, he enjoys doing miniature work with sawdust and clay.

5.The Blind Dog-

It portrays a blind beggar who seizes the dog to assist him to navigate the city. He abuses the dog but one day the dog comes back to him even after running away in fear.

6. Fellow Feeling-

In this story, Rajam Iyer is a Tamil Brahmin. He is traveling by train and gets into a battle with another passenger.

7. The Tiger’s Claw-

In this story, The Talkative Man a recurring character in other stories tells a detailed story about his battle with the tiger wherein he won.

8. Iswerean-

In this story, a boy named Iswerean fails his intermediate examination ten times. Eventually, he passes it. he is so glad and celebrates his success.  however, Unfortunately during the celebration, he drowns within the Sarayu River.

9.Such Perfection-

It tells the story of a sculptor who impressed with his most recent statue that he begins to worship.

10.Father’s Help-

Swami, a character from R. K. Narayan’s first novel, Swami and Friends. He accuses his teacher Samuel in an insincere manner. His father gets offended however he teaches him to tell the truth, and to behave in a manner that is more thoughtful to others.

11.The Snake Song

A musician narrates his life and experiences and explains why he stopped playing the harmonium to his audience

12.Engine Trouble

A poor man who wins the street engine lottery, however, puts himself in a critical scenario. so his lottery win can’t be used.


A person gets a dog who’s kind and pleasant. But a man brings a dog to deters robbers. Dog doesn’t make anyone frighten so the man gave a scary name to him, hoping that this name will give people the impression that the dog is horrifying.  The man names him Attila the Hun.

14. Forty-Five A Month

It is a narrative about a daughter, Shanta, and her father, Venkat Rao. Shanta is a primary school student and her father Venkat Rao busy with his work all the time. He feels guilty because he does not find time for his daughter and wife due to his heavy work schedule. He comes home when after his daughter goes to bed. So one day Shanta asks him to take her to watch a film in the theater and he guarantees to take her.

That day Shanta excited to go home from school early. At home, she dressed up and waits for her father. But he doesn’t come on time so she determined to go to his workplace. But she lost when she tries to find his office.

That afternoon, Venkat Rao asks his boss for personal leave. His boss did not give him leave and he advises his work is necessary than anything. He has written a resignation letter because he tired of being bought for forty rupees a month. Instead of accepting his resignation letter, his boss raises his salary to forty-five rupees a month.

15.Out of business

A narrative about Rama Rao. He begins in search of a job after he lost his gramophone enterprise. But he doesn’t succeed to get a job. so he participates in {a magazine} crossword contest. In the competition, participants who will give every answer right will get a winning prize of 4000 rupees.

After getting a lot of failures he determined to suicide and lays down on the train tracks. But that day a derailment delayed all trains three more hours. He acknowledges it as his luck and goes back home.

At the home, His wife informs him that the renters wish to purchase their home. He decides to sell for 4500 rupees and will use a few of the cash to go to Madras and get a job there.

16. The Axe

A narrative about Velan. He is an astrologer who predicted he would reside in a three-story home. Velan came from the poorest household in his village. At age 18, his father slapped his face in public, and he left. After a couple of days of strolling and begging, he acquired a job as a gardener for an old man.

The plot of land was giant and so they constructed a three-story mansion on it, however, Velan lived in his hut on the grounds. After being awed by the mansion’s building, he grips a margosa’s stem in his fingers and tells it to grow up huge and worthy of the home.

 Velan’s master dies and the home trades hands with family members for some years. the home appears to be haunted and nobody will stay in it, besides Velan when he’s given the keys.

On one morning, Velan awakes to the sound of men chopping the margosa tree with axes. He begs them to cease however they do not stop So he has gathered his belongings and gone out of earshot.

17. Lawley Road

Another story in regards to the Talkative Man. after India’s independence, there was a flurry of patriotism. There was a statue of Sir Frederick Lawley in town. People within the city desire to take away the statue. Because they discover out that Lawley had been a British tyrant over the Indians.

When the town failed to search out anybody to remove it within funds. the Talkative Man provided the prospect to take it for himself. He does and lodges it midway inside his home with nice difficulty.
There are two Sir Lawleys, and the statue celebrated a kind man who based Malgudi and even died to save Indians. The public protest the elimination of the statue. but now neither town nor the Talkative Man has funds to move it once more.
The Chairman of Malgudi buys the Talkative Man’s home along with his personal funds. He converts the plot to a public park and re-erects the statue. The street outside renamed Lawley Road.
18.Trail of Green Blazer
The story of a pickpocket. He steals things for a dwelling. However, when he steals from a person in a green blazer. he for some reason tries to put it again into the person’s pocket. while doing that he caught and arrested.
19. Leela’s friend
It is a short story about a five-year-old girl Leela & Sidda the servant of her house. Sidda has the gift to communicate with young children. However, Once Leela’s gold chain lost and they made allegations of robbery on Sidda.

Malgudi Days Book Review

Every story talks about the various facets of the common man’s life. The narrative type has detailed, awareness of social norms. The tales captured the essence of India and the spirit of their people. The author’s prose type is easy and resilient. Despite the heat of Narayan’s prose style and the light mood he evokes. and the benign atmosphere of the setting, there’s struggling and guilt here too. The characters are so diverse. This book is gripping, genuine, and one relates to it

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