perfect cecelia ahern

perfect Cecelia Ahern

In this post, I am writing the summary and review of perfect which is one of the popular and best books by Cecelia Ahern. It tells the dystopian story of an eighteen-year-old girl who continues to struggle with the established order. It is the thrilling and romantic sequel to the bestselling YA debut FLAWED.

 perfect Cecelia Ahern summary

The court marks Celestine North as imperfect. After that, her life completely fractures and she lost all her freedom. Judge Crevan declared her number one public enemy, she turned into a ghost, and she on the run with the complicated and irresistible Carrick, the only person she can trust. But Celestine has a secret capable of ending the entire system that divides people between perfect and imperfect. Judge Crevan is in the lead, and time is running out for Celestine. The tension around her is mounting, forcing her to choose between saving herself or risking her life to save all the Imperfects. And, more importantly, will he prove that being human is itself imperfect?

perfect Cecelia Ahern review

  • From the first pages, the writing style can be intimidated – it is sharp, a little crumpled, and has more thought than dialogue. But the longer you read, the more fascinating the story itself becomes.
  • The syllable remains the same. As in the first part, the narration conducted in a simple, but absolutely not meager language. It is easy to read, while the text is not primitive and has a very deep emotional and semantic message.
  • the sequel came out a year after the first part, the author took care of the reader and unobtrusively entered the key events into the plot, eliminating any hiccups and unnecessary questions.
  • The plot is replete with various scenes and unexpected twists.
  • The rebellion, resistance, struggle of people, and their solidarity are presented so touchingly that it breaks down to tears.
  • the topic is trivial, but this story touches on very important issues.
  • This novel is a race against the clock where the basic principles are sought: love of neighbor, respect, kindness, and humility.
  • The love story is beautiful and leaves us the occasional quiet moment, although it is not the axis on which the story turns
  • The scenarios are perfectly planned, you will be able to breathe each smell, to feel the anguish they experience, and to propose absurd solutions in order to help them.
  • Despite the number of descriptions that we find and the thickness of the book, the novel will fly in your hands in just a breath.


In conclusion, Perfect is the ideal continuation to end this story. It is a motivating as well as an enthralling story that will make the readers anticipating till the very end. It is the roller coaster of emotional twists. Well linked, with a rhythm that does not allow you to breathe and round characters. A realistic novel will teach you that being imperfect is what makes us human.

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