In this post, you will get to read a summary of short stories written by an Indian author and social worker Sudha Murthy.

Biography of Sudha Murthy

Padma Shri Sudha Kulkarni Murthy is an Indian social worker and author. Sudha Murthy has known for her philanthropic work through the Infosys Foundation. She teaches computer science and writes fiction.
she wrote a book Dollar Bahu in Kannada and translated it into English. It has adopted as a tv serial in 2001.
Sudha Kulkarni Murthy was born in Shiggaon, Karnataka. Sudha Murthy completed Electronics Engineering from
B. V. B. College of Engineering & Technology. she before studied in Karnataka.
She at all times acquired the first rank in studies. for which she obtained a gold medal from the Chief Minister of Karnataka. Sudha Murthy accomplished ME, ComputerScience.

Summary of Short Stories by Sudha Murthy


Sudha Murthy short stories summary

Sudha Murthy is an author, she has published many tales. her writings have a style for the easy, common life. Many of her books have written within the Kannada language.
They have translated into English and a few have adapted into TV series. Many of her compositions have been kid series.
Sudha Murthy is a rich fiction litterateur in Kannada and English. Most of his publications were through Penguin. There were some well-known in Kannada.

Here is a summary of inspiring and real-life based short stories written by Sudha Murthy.

1.Wise and Otherwise summary


Sudha-Murthy short stories summary

Wise and Otherwise: A Salute to life is a set of fifty-one short tales. They based on the real-life experiences of  Sudha Murthy. Each story displays the myriad shades of human nature. Like A man dumps his aged father in an old age house after declaring him to be a homeless stranger. A tribal chief within the Sahyadri hills teaches the writer that there’s humility in receiving too. And a sick woman remembers to thank her benefactor even from her deathbed.

2. how I taught my grandmother to read a summary


Sudha Murthy sort stories

how I taught my grandmother and other stories books consist of 25 short tales. Each story has written in a magnificent manner and offers lessons for all times. This book stuffed with heart-touching tales.

In one story author narrates how a 12-year-old writer teaches the alphabet to her grandmother. It includes a story where the author recounts her conferences with some well-known individuals, who taught her great worthwhile lessons.

Each of the twenty-five stories within the book gives some inspiration to its readers. The stories have introduced in a simple and humorous style. The author recounted tales from her life in an easy and engrossing manner.

3.The day I stopped drinking milk summary


The Day I Stopped Drinking Milk: Life stories from here and there is a collection of 23 events that happened in the life of Sudha Murty. The book is in regards to the author’s visit to Odisha and the poor tribals there.

There’s a heart-warming story that deals with a Muslim boy who adopted by a Hindu family. who insists he has brought up in his own faith.
There’s a cautionary story about a man who took a personal mortgage from Murty with a verbal promise to return it. but, years later he collides with her in the USA and turndown.
There are tales about villagers who dwell with admirable braveness. and manage to serve their very own folks by organizing services. like offering water for baths, all without cost.

4. 3000 stitches short stories By Sudha Murthy summary


Three Thousand stitches is a collection of eleven stories inspired by the writer‘s life. Through these tales, the author shared bits from her life when she exhibited an outstanding perspective and positivity.

The first story has the title Three Thousand Stitches. In this story, the author has an intention to erase the devadasi system. That’s why she makes an effort to attain her dream. However, at the time her father provides her some sensible advice her efforts flip into triumph.

In How to beat the boys the author told the story about her engineering college days.  and the way she handled the conditions there.  she was the only girl when she studied in engineering college. The author narrated how this experience helped her in some ways.

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5.Something happened on the way to heaven


Something Happened on the Way to Heaven is a set of twenty such exceptional true-life tales chosen by Sudha Murty from a competition run by Penguin. they seize how hope, religion, kindness, and joy linger in life. There are Twenty tales:

  1. Acceptance by Bhaskar Mukherjee – This story narrates how society judges transgenders. and what one man does to accept them as equals.
  2. A Red Rose by Saurabh Kumar – This story talks about old age dementia. and how households deal with it, the issues confronted by the elderly.
  3. The Dhaka Girl by Drishti Dasgupta- This story is about how belief & humanity embody all obstacles of the synthetic religion.
  4. Agni Pareeksha by Supriya Unni Naira – A celebration of life via life & death struggles.
  5. Elixir by Satyarth Nayak- This is about an acceptance of the people in our lives.
  6. The Right to Refuse by Jimmy Mathew- This Narrates why we should always put ourselves in other’s shoes first before we judge them for what they do.
  7. Father’s Reading Glasses by Vibha Lohani –This describes the relationship between parents & child.
  8. Aagneya by Rajesh Pooppotte- Narrates the distinction between punishment and understanding children.
  9. A New Beginning by Swaha Bhattacharya-breaking social norms, adoption.
  10. The Mysterious Couple by Rishi Bohra –Talks about the relationships that can be greater than blood relationships.
  11. How Jhannu Mankdia Made It Possible by Neelamani Sutar –This story talks about triumph through grit, female education & upliftment.
  12. Savita’s Story by Subhobrata- This discusses a parent’s timeless love of their child. and the significance of education.
  13. Acid by Pushkar Pande –talks in regards to the acid assault, acceptance of life.
  14. Grandparents’ Day by Nalini Chandran- how males see a potential victim in a single mother. how such a man taught a lifelong lesson.
  15. The Udayan Effect by Praveen P. Gopinath – This provides perception never judges an individual by their look.
  16. Time to Pack Up. Not. By Neha Garg –acceptance of life after being a disaster victim.
  17. Train to ‘Goonda’ville by Ila Gautam- not everybody out there is to trigger harm.
  18. What Goes Around Comes Around by Tulika Dubey- good deed begets good deed.
  19. It Fell in a Storm by Santanu Bhowmik- This story talks about poverty and gratefulness.
  20. An Encounter of a Special Kind by Tapan Mukherjee –This story talks about trust and compassion

6. The Upside Down King

The Upside Down King is a set of 23 short tales. The stories on this collection encompass the two most popular avatars of Lord Vishnu. Rama and Krishna and their ancestor.

In this book, the author takes you on a striking tour. and reveals to you the times when demons and gods rambled with people. Animals can speak and gods granted blessings to common individuals.

7.The Bird with Golden Wings: Stories of Wit and Magic


The Bird with Golden Wings is a graceful book of 21 short tales for kids. It has loads of well-crafted tales that educate kids about many morals and virtues in life.
From a bird with golden wings, a clever cook, to a Banana tree princess.  This book has stuffed with tales that emphasize the significance of various values.
This book depicts the Good and bad traits of people. The stories have based on magic and myths. and every story ends with ethical and moral standards possessed by a person.
The author exhibited the cryptic meaning of how life could be a fairytale. and filled with moments of hope, despair, love, unhappiness.

8.The Serpent’s Revenge: Unusual Tales from the Mahabharata


The Serpent’s Revenge: Unusual Tales from the Mahabharata is an exclusive collection of occasions from Mahabharata. This book contains 25 tales on how many names arjuna had, why was the god cursed, the final approach to heaven, the golden mongoose, and plenty of fascinating tales.

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