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the book of tomorrow

The Book of Tomorrow is an entrancing story about how tomorrow can change what happens today. This book is about a girl of sixteen years by the name of Tamara Goodwin. She never giving a reconsideration to tomorrow,   Until a traveling library arrives in her tiny village and brings with it a mysterious, large leather-bound book locked with a gold clasp and padlock.

the book of tomorrow by Cecelia Ahern synopsis

Tamara Goodwin, a rich and capricious teenager, feels like losing the ground underfoot on the day of her father’s suicide. Following his mother, he ends up living in a village in the Irish countryside with his uncles. About to turn 18 years old, she struggles to find a new meaning in life. On this journey into adulthood, she learns to value the little things and discovers the great secret that surrounds her origins.

Plot Summary

The protagonist  Tamara Goodwin, a rich and capricious 16-year-old. her world reduced to the mansion in which she lives with his parents, to the trips she takes with them around the world, and to the malls and the beach where she goes with his friends to shop and get drunk. But, from one day to the next, her life changes. Suddenly. Of a hard blow. She discovers her father’s corpse in his office. He has committed suicide.
Homeless and penniless, the two forced to move to the country, to the home of their mother’s brother, Arthur, and his wife, Rosaleen. A very special marriage with life too quiet for Tamara’s taste. Luckily she has Ignatius as allies, a beekeeper nun who will give her all her support and affection; Weseley, the son of the town doctor and his uncle Arthur’s assistant; and Marcus, the young man in charge of the bus that serves as a traveling library for all the lost towns of County Meath, Ireland, where this story takes place.
But her quiet and peaceful life in the country changes the day that Tamara finds a peculiar book in the library. It is a journal, but it is padlocked and its pages are blank. When Tamara decides to write her thoughts in it, she
discovers that her own words are written every night, the next day. Thanks to this magical diary, you can know what will happen the next day and if you don’t like it, try to change it.
And thanks to the help of her new friends and the Tamara diary, she discovers the secret that her family has hidden for many years and she finally knows not only who her family is, but who she is.

About Character

The Main character Tamara took a short time to warm to toward the beginning of the book. she is an arrogant, spoilt youngster and very excruciating. When she had moved to her uncle her character began to develop. she became this wise and thoughtful girlit had been such a pleasure to ascertain her grew throughout the book. Sister Ignatius is one of the many characters. she was very compassionate, kind, and loving. There was something that she kept mentioning.   She is a very important character and relevant to the book. There also are characters like Rosaleen and Arthur, who both played an important role within the development of the book.

About Pace

The initial not many sections gradually fabricate you up to the pace of the book. however, then right through you are grasped. There didn’t appear to be any low parts in the book which you could skim over without missing anything.


I’ve heard people say that when they dream about a loved one that has died. They feel that it’s real, that the person is really there, sending them a message, giving them a hug. That somehow dreams are a blurred line between here and there, like a meeting room in a prison. You’re both in the same room, yet on different sides and really, in different worlds.

“They say a story loses something with each telling. If that is the case, this story has lost nothing, for it’s the first time it’s been told.”

Weak Points

  • Some part of the Story written in a scramble.
  • The middle part of this book quite bore, it is draggy.
  • The Book of Tomorrow is additionally hard to put with regards to subjects and classifications.

Strong Points

  • The Book of Tomorrow goes into a full record of occasions, responding to all potential inquiries in the reader’s psyche and filling all the holes.
  • Characters of the story added color to the story and keep things interesting.
  • The Mystery part is exciting and intriguing, keeping you reading till the absolute last page.


This is an interesting and enjoyable read with a magical twist. The story is sufficiently engaging to have you bolted. Any individual who adores mystery blended in with enchantment should check this book out.

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