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The time of my life Cecelia Ahern summary

Time of My Life is the ninth super best of the love story star Cecelia Ahern. Much time has passed since Lucy broke up with her lover, but she still cannot forget him. The girl closed herself in her little world, where there are only her and the shaggy cat Mr. Peng. She practically hates her work and her colleagues and hardly communicates with friends. Lucy feels completely alone, but one fine day she receives a letter from Life itself. And then miracles begin.

The Plot

Thirty-year-old unmarried young lady Lucy, despite having rich, aristocratic parents, lives in a small apartment and works in a miserable third-rate office. Everything would be fine, but as the narrative shows, none other than the ex-boyfriend who left Lucy after five years of romantic relationship brought her to such a disappointing situation. After three years, nothing changes in the heroine’s life, and then the girl’s parents pay for the services of a mysterious company that provides people with the opportunity to meet their life. Lucy’s life turns out to be an unkempt man with bad manners. As a result, he helps the heroine to unravel the tangle of life’s difficulties and prettier before our eyes. Such a little fabulous action.

the time of my life Cecelia Ahern quotes

As long as you are alive, your life is also alive. Loving your wives, parents, children, as well as the friends around you, give enough care to your life, because it is you. Because your life is always ready to protect, support and encourage you.

I don’t even know what is sadder – not having a dream or looking for other people’s dreams on the Internet.

If a person has a dream, he should at least try to realize it. even if it is distant, difficult, but you must understand that with persistent efforts it is achievable.

For something to happen, you need a chain of coincidences, sometimes random, sometimes not quite. Life consists of collisions and contradictions, and everything is subject to a common rhythm, everything has its own reasons. If not, then why is everything? Each of your meetings, actions and words have prerequisites and consequences, entail new ones, echoing in the lives of others and in your own.

I traveled to see new places, and he – to discover something new in himself.

the time of my life Cecelia Ahern review

  • Despite the rather boring beginning, the book is gaining such momentum towards the end that it is simply impossible to tear yourself away without finishing it.
  • It is constantly full of newfangled words, songs, films, and Facebook statuses. Also in the novel, you can find many sentimental moments, like those when Lucy is humiliated by her father.
  •  The book is sentimental beyond measure and is suitable only for lovers of sugary melodramas.
  • A life-affirming plot sometimes brightened up with sad or funny moments, will help you enjoy reading, taking a break from the surrounding routine, and taking a closer look at your own life.


“Time of My Life” may seem to some to be a frivolous and exclusively feminine work. However, there is something in this book that prevents it from being classified as a one-evening book. In general, “Time of My Life” can be classified as a book for relaxation and for those moments when the prospects for their own life do not seem very promising. The book recommends to the female audience and admirers of Cecilia Ahern’s work.

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