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Top 10 Best Indian books you must read before you die

1.Malgudi Days by RK  Narayan


It is one of the must-read Indian novels to read from Indian author Books. It is a collection of short stories and the stories in this book are taking place in a fictional town called  Malgudi. The tales in this book revolve around the common folk in ordinary people and they are mostly about the mundane day-to-day routine events taking place in the town of Malgudi.

The storytelling is with the very simplicity and the rawness.  The characters narrated in this book are connectable and they are nothing out of the ordinary. Among the tales, the reader meets an astrologer, a gatekeeper, and younger man craving to go to the examinations. If you haven’t picked this book up it is one of the classics of Indian literature then you should definitely go for it because it’s a lovely reading experience.

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2.The God of Small Things


The God of Small Things is the debut novel of Indian author, Arundhati Roy. It is a story regarding the childhood experiences of fraternal twins whose lives are destroyed by the “Love Laws” that lay down “who should be loved, and how. And how much.” The themes embrace the caste system, religious tensions, communism, forbidden love, historic previous and colonialism, class, custom.

The plot revolves around twins Rahel and Esthappen, nevertheless, is seen primarily from Rahel’s perspective. The narrative could be very gloomy and tragic, nevertheless, the writer writes with good style and even humor about profound and obligatory themes. The metaphors the author employs are concurrently tangible and bizarre.


3.3000 stitches By Sudha Murthy 


Three Thousand stitches by Sudha Murthy is another best novel from must-read Indian books by the author from India. It is a collection of eleven stories inspired by the writer‘s life. Through these tales, the author shared bits from her life when she exhibited an outstanding perspective and positivity.

These stories are actually real incidents because this book is nonfiction. This is one of those books that completely deserve the hype that surrounds it. If you haven’t read this you should definitely go for this book. The reason that You would love this book is it’s very very inspiring.

This book is a motivational read. It strikes a chord with those that actually need to implement adjustments to their lives. It talks about how you should not give up, how you should be kind. Basically, This novel is more effective because it contains full of many life lessons that are written in a very simple manner. 

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4.The Namesake by Jhumpa Lahiri 


This is such an observant book and the best and one of the must-read Indian author books to read. It feels more like a memoir.  It just goes into so much detail about these people’s lives.  it’s such a  beautifully written book.  the story is beautiful it’s just all absolutely wonderful.  In this novel, there is less plot. It is just following this person’s life.

  If you are someone who loves to get to know the characters then you’re going to probably really enjoy this book. But if you’re someone who prefers the plot of the story and fast-paced and all these other things you’re probably not going to enjoy this as much but the book is a pleasure to read. His writing is very atmospheric.  

5.The Blue Umbrella By Ruskin Bond



The Blue Umbrella By Ruskin Bond is a very simple and soft read. These books are sort of an anecdote.  A very condensed and very short story. This novel made its position in one of the best Indian novels to read from Indian books because the lesson this tale teaches you is the ultimate one.

It teaches you generosity, It teaches you to love. It teaches you compassion, it teaches you sacrifice, it teaches you kindness which actually one should inculcate as a human.  The language is pretty much simple. Give this piece a read and you will feel good and light.  But on a vital aspect, it is so realistic and relatable.  People from any age group can read it and enjoy it. and they love it equally.

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6.The palace of illusions by Chitra Banerjee.


This book is the one that talks about Mahabharat but from the perspective of Draupadi herself. Draupadi’s character is very interesting to read. Her character and to know things that you know haven’t been talked about yet. The author has done a very good job and has given so much information in an intricate manner.

It is very fulfilling to read from the Indian books collection. In this patriarchal society, if you wish to just understand the situation of Draupadi then you should definitely go for it.  So it is very great and one of the must-read Indian author books to read that also you’ll love it.

7.Midnight’s Children


This is a story of affection, betrayal, and lust to each conceivable degree. Salman Rushdie has written Midnight’s Children’s novel. This novel offers India’s transition from British colonialism to independence and the partition of British India.  The chief protagonist named Saleem Sinai has instructed a story. It is ready within the context of precise historic occasions.

The type of preserving historical past with fictional accounts is self-reflexive. The plot is medium-paced with a number of digressions.  The novel additionally impudently speaks of ribald ideas like incest, scandalous relationships, extra-marital affairs, conspiracies involving a number of the most revered Indian politicians.

The characters are curiously, magically lopsided. the language is difficult and delightful; the chapters are properly portioned. the narrative is intentionally allegorical. Elements of the story’s body are notably amusing. it’s a masterpiece of the style and I like to recommend it to anybody who desires to attempt magical realism.

8.Eleven ways to love


This is a nonfiction novel and it is a collection of eleven essays written by eleven different people. A poem is preceded. In this wonderful wonderful book of eleven essays, eleven different people have shared their real-life experiences with the emotion of love.

This book also consists of essays from people belonging to the LGBTQ  community which is wonderful. This is one of the best and must-read Indian author books to read that you should definitely pick up if you want to read something different about love. There is nothing conventional about this book .it’s unusual and beautiful. It has been written wonderfully. The best thing about this book is it opens your mind up. 

9.A Suitable Boy


Suitable Boy by Vikram Seth is an epic love story set in India. The story unfolds through 4 middle-class households – the Mehras, Kapoor’s, Khans, and Chatterjis.  It focuses on the lives of 4 giant households, linked by marriage or friendship.

The story regarding Mrs. Mehra seeks a husband for her daughter, Lata. It’s a long book. But it is extremely engaging. The story is about post-independence India and explores various social or political problems with the time and the characters actually drive the story.


10.The Great Indian Novel


‘The Great Indian Novel’, Shashi Tharoor’s debut work of fiction. It is basically a retelling of the Indian epic Mahabharata.  But, it surely falls within the realm of political satire by drawing parallels with main occasions in India’s political historical past in the course of the freedom movement in addition to within the post-independence period.

The book has a complete of 18 chapters every depicting a concoction of occasions in Mahabharata. These 18 chapters are symbolic of 18 days of Battles of Kurukshetra. The author has fantastically related the Mahabharata characters and occasions with the famous Indian political figures and occasions that led India to independence and additional rise.

After ending each chapter, you will certain to be left in awe of the content.  The greatest bonus of the book is alluring poetry by the author in nearly every chapter, few of the verses are so charming and admirable. This book has good sense, well-built content, humor, diplomacy, sensations, and poetry.

Best Fiction Books by Indian author you must read

1.The Inheritance of Loss



The motion of the novel takes place in 1986. The book is set in a small Himalayan group on the foot of Kanchenjunga. The novel follows the journey of Biju, an undocumented immigrant within the US who’s making an attempt to make a brand new life; and Sai, an Anglicised Indian woman dwelling together with her grandfather in India.

The novel is split into brief chapters and every chapter into temporary fragments that transfer the narrative alongside rapidly, typically between comedy and tragedy. This is a humorous book and there are some hilarious moments, typically juxtaposed with moments of actual pathos and tragedy.

There can be a way of decay and remorse and an illumination of human cupidity and delusion; delineated with care and concern. The novel tells a compact household story in broad scope elevating points and difficulties going through the inheritors of colonial domination. This is a transferring and heart-rending account of what occurs when colonialism and revolution and poverty and romance collide.


2.The Sialkot Saga


The Sialkot Saga by Ashwin Sanghi is a book that grips you in its magic. This novel is a mix of two tales, one which has been occurring for lots of years and the alternative which begins with the partition of India and Pakistan. In the book, historical particulars are strewn.

It is about two people whose lives intertwine and the way in which they transform arch-rivals out-maneuvering one another within the enterprise.  This is the story of Arvind and Arbaaz each of them is formidable, each of them has superb thoughts and they’re prepared to interrupt all the principles for his or their enterprise.

The planning and plotting of every enterprise technique will amaze you, the way in which they set their enemies proper will make you gasp, and in between these plannings, plotting there are moments of affection, kindness, and loyalty.

The strategies they undertake to outwit each other are vividly retold which hooks the reader. Overall,  It is unquestionably a gratifying learn however sure, a prolonged read.

3.Fasting, Feasting – Anita Desai


Fasting feasting

Fasting, Fisting, chosen for the Booker Prize in 1999, is an excellent novel by Anita Desai. In it, the author tells the story of an Indian household that is bound by Eastern traditions regardless of Western influence.

Anita Desai has divided this novel into two components. He focuses on the girl named Uma within the first part of this novel. Uma, who belongs to a household where she has to go away from her studies due to discrimination between girl and boy, additionally starves herself.

Whereas within the second part of this novel, Desai narrates the story of Arun in which Arun is a privileged son who’s upset along with his father’s expectations. Although in this novel Author has informed the story of Uma and Arun quite well, she additionally informed a lot about the incapability of families in this tradition to raise their youngsters.

4.Shadow Lines – Amitav Ghosh

The shadow Lines

Amitav Ghosh had recognized himself with his first novel, The Circle of Reason. His second novel, The Shadow Lines (1988), grew to become very popular after its launch. It was considered an exceptional achievement by many reviewers from throughout the country and overseas.

The book was awarded by Sahitya Akademi for the year 1989 as the best English work. The novel has Written in the historical background of the struggle. this novel is a vital investigation of the political freedom and nationality of a conscious citizen. Its plot desires to be taken right into a world which the hero has woven together with his reminiscences and goals however the actuality of the country-age wants to maintain it tied to his pegs.

5.White Tiger by Aravind Adiga



Introducing incredible literary talent, Arvind Adiga has launched a really heart-wrenching story in The White Tiger novel with very intelligent, deep suspense and questions of correct and incorrect.

Balaram Halwai, the primary character of The White Tiger, is a difficult man. He is also a servant, thinker, entrepreneur, and murderer. Balarama tells a surprising story of how he succeeds in his life when he has nothing but his confidence.

Born in a village in central India, Balaram, the son of a rickshaw driver, is expelled from school and sent to work at a tea shop. Breaking coal and wiping the table, he weaves his dream of liberation – a dream of moving far away from the banks of the Mother Ganges.

The White Tiger is a story of two types of India. In this novel, Balaram’s journey from the darkness of rural life to entrepreneurial success is completely immoral but grossly seductive and unforgettable.

6.The Far Field by Madhuri Vijay


The far field

The story follows a young lady named Shalini who’s mourning the loss of the life of her mom. She is traveling from a comfortable residence in the city of Bangalore to a Kishtwar in Jammu and Kashmir.

Shalini is searching for a person who had previously disappeared from her mom’s life. But when she tries to unravel the occasions surrounding her mom’s death, Shalini’s presence poses a risk to native residents.

The writer’s prose is fascinating and underlined, and the miraculous work that awakens the vision, sound, and smell of each place is like being there.

This book is an easy and engaging story of Shalini’s emotions and the emotions of the individuals in her life. The writing and storyline are gradual, however, it also stays fascinating and absorbing.

7.If God Was A Banker

If god was banker

If God Was A Banker, the story revolves around two administration graduates within the rat race for achievement. It’s a narrative of two-person Swami and Sundeep, both are working in New Your International Bank. Both joined on an identical day to NYB and coming from totally different ethos.

The whole story is a flashback about their life ranging from New York to, HQ of NIB. The plot was pretty gripping and went about properly with a number of twists and turns.

A great page-turner. Though the tip of the story turns fairly predictable, nonetheless the book retains you glued. The writing style is very easy and uncomplicated and provides lots of insight into the banking world.

8.The One You Cannot Have by Preeti Shenoy



“The One You Cannot Have” is a complete page-turner. The characters of Aman, Shruti, and Anjali are so actual, relatable, and effectively developed. Every reader is sure to attach themselves to both of them. The climax of the book is touching, realistic, well-portrayed, and is the most effective part of the book.

The essential theme of the guide is ‘Everyone will all the time have the one you can’t have.’  The book talks in regards to the acceptance of your previous and moving on. The story strikes at a brisk tempo. This novel provides a really reasonable view of relationships. It’s an ideal read with a really fluent and fascinating narration.

9.Nectar in a Sieve by  Kamala Markandaya


Nectar in sieve

This lovely and fluent story tells of an easy peasant woman in a primitive village in India whose complete life was a gallant and chronic battle to take care of those she loved.

Nectar in a Sieve follows a younger Rukmani who’s married to Nathan, a tenant farmer when she is barely twelve. The marriage, after all, is arranged. The story focuses on the expansion of her household and the struggles a tenant farmer and his family should face in growing India.

The story is compelling and filled with attention-grabbing details and full of surprising and unusual turns of occasions. The rhythm and rituals of rural life are captured effectively, and all of the refined details seem to have been recorded with precision. you’ll love the flow of the story and the unwavering calm of the narrator’s voice. It is fascinating and simple to read.

10.A Fine Balance by Rohinton Mistry



This is a compelling novel. The author focuses the story across the lives and interactions of four principal characters, who cross paths in an unnamed metropolis in India in 1975 throughout the State of Emergency. An Author is unsparing in particulars of how tough, even merciless, life is for these characters. Their opportunities are constrained by caste, gender, government corruption locally and throughout the nation, and greed.

This is a quick read, partly due to how fantastically drawn the characters are, and in part because you wish to read on quickly to find how the characters will deal with the challenges life throws at them. The prose is unvarnished, earthy, and palpable.

The writing is good with easy language. you will not need to open your dictionary. The characters and conditions are Familiar. A must-read and best fiction book by an Indian author.

Top 10 Must read Indian Romantic books

1.Life is what you make it by Preeti Shenoy

Top 10 Indian romantic novel

Life is what you make it, it is based on a love story that was set in India in the 90s. It is a book which states that love, hope, and determination together can win over luck. It is a gripping tale of some important years of the Protagonist’s life.

It is a story about a girl named Ankita who has to suffer from bipolar disorder. The story describes how she gets acquainted with her bipolar disorder and how she decides to help her own self and how she battles these situations all by herself.

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2.If It’s Not Forever. It’s Not Love by Durjy Dutta and Nikita Singh


This is a narrative about Deb, an author who was a sufferer of the Delhi bomb blast thou not physically harmed however was emotionally weakened. After a couple of days, he returns to the crime scene and finds a half-burnt diary with the initials RD on the diary.

Deb reads the diary and chooses to convey the ultimate words to Ragini whom RD could not convey to her till his final breath. Then begins the journey of affection where Deb, his girlfriend, and friends go on a journey to provide this diary. But the street is not simple because the diary is just about burnt and there are very much fewer clues to succeed in the destination.

The story is intriguing, right from the word go. The characters of Deb, Avantika, Shrey, and Tiya are fantastically sketched.  The story begins on a powerful note and continues effortlessly until the top. The scenes, the dialogues, the expressions, and the feelings are completely expressed.

The humor is witty and can make you smile and chuckle. The emotional scenes are properly written and can make you cry. The book is quick-paced and provides a lot many moments to recollect.

3.Mistress of Honour By Bhavana Arora



In this novel author has fantastically managed to seize the true-life occasions of military life. It is a gripping novel about love, longing, and the astounding sacrifice of soldiers and their courageous heart wives.

It is a narrative of pansy and her daughter Rihana, born with an almost identical destiny, they each fell in love with a military person of their respective time and so they console themselves and stand by her companions when they needed the most.

The characters are very individualistic and everyone held their very own within the story. The style of storytelling gentle-hearted and fast-paced that you could finish it simply in a single stretch. The story is Keeping within the troublesome components and but telling it in a graceful method by balancing the sacrifice and the passion just perfectly. The plot is easy and mostly predictable, but it won’t allow you to put down the book.

[email protected] Force by Gaurav Sharma



‘Love @ Air Force’ is a fantastically woven story about two childhood mates who unexpectedly stumble upon one another after many years. The story begins with a chanced meeting of two teenage pals Shabd and Sushil in Agra Air force station, however, Ranks play truant in their meeting.

Shabd has ended up being two notches above Sushil and the air force norms add some preliminary awkwardness to this reunion. With them catching up on the years passed we come to know Shabd has denied getting into the shackles of married life, the identical shackles which have been Sushil’s nightmare for quite a while.

And as you guessed it, it’s all about love here – enter Soumya Maharishi, the daughter of a senior Air Force Officer and Shabd’s unrequited love whom he has not seen since 1990.

the author’s writing style, he’s master in writing crisp and quick sentences. He doesn’t let the story keep at one single second for a very long time. He additionally assures that you just giggle after every 2 pages to maintain the curiosity developed in you. His humor-sense is terrific.

Most of his humor is available in describing the expressions of the protagonists and different characters. He is aware of when to add up the twist within the simple story. The narrative has each drama and feelings in equal proportions. The dynamics of friendship and love described within the book have an equilibrium.

5.Te Amo… I Love You by Rohit Sharma



It is a heart-touching story of isabella and Aryan. The story is all about unconditional love and sacrifice between Aryan and Isabella and all that they face winning the love in opposition to the bad man Ethan.

Aryan isn’t the one to believe in love. He had his reasons.  But that was only till he met Isabella, a Spanish beauty. Unknowingly, each fall in love and get closer to one another never before.

Isabella’s father had already fixed her marriage along with his enterprise associate’s son, Ethan. Ethan was a man not to messed with, so Isabella tries to save her love, Aryan, who gives for her dad and mom’s choice and gets married to Ethan. Ethan was also a brute. The cruelest with regards to love. So Aryan decides to save her love, Isabella from him.

The story has a Poetic Touch. each character could be very well portrayed and sketched. All feelings are very well written and one can easily relate to them. The scene is well defined and drove an individual away with it. The Book is totally enjoyable and one of the must-read Indian books.

6. You are the Best Wife by Ajay K. Pandey


It is a narrative of Ajay, a Brahmin boy, and Bhavna, a Kayastha girl with divergent beliefs who fall in love. Ajay believes in living for himself. Bhavna teaches him to live for others. Ajay is a planner for all times. Bhavna makes him live in each moment.

The story begins with an engineering college in Allahabad where they met and fall for one another. A four-year relationship turns out to be a long-distance relationship when Bhavna began work in Hyderabad and Ajay goes to Pune for his MBA.

Their ordeals start when the two households got here to find out about their relationship. But, they handle getting married with the blessing of two families. The story would not finish right here. Destiny has a cruel plan for this couple.

This story advised with frankness and doses of humor Narration within the first individual is straightforward and fascinating. The plot is simple but intriguing.  It is a real love story with no fancy unrealistic incidents or drama and a very good read.

7.Will You Still Love Me? by Ravinder Singh


Must read indian books

A simple love story of a Punjabi boy named Rajveer and a northeastern girl named Lavanya who met on an airplane. Lavanya, an independent, strong, and confident north-eastern girl, and Rajveer, a Punjabi man who does not care a lot about traffic guidelines.

This is a fantastic journey of a cheerful couple who met by destiny and later have to face the ups and downs of life together. Rajveer’s lack of curiosity in following traffic guidelines prices him everything and that modifications his life for good.

This book is a magical mixture and an ideal mix of magnificence, romance, sarcasm, message, and food for thought. The stunning description of the Northeast and the essence of their tradition is very fascinating.

The suspense of tragedy and the note on which the story ended is very well written. Language is very straightforward and narration is very clear. it’s a nice plot that can bind u to the end of the story. It is one of the great and must-read Indian books.

8.A Bollywood Affair by Sonali Dev


Must read Indian books

A Bollywood Affair is a refreshing addition to the modern romance style. In this novel, The Protagonist Mili has been married to Virat and waiting for the day he would come to assert her – since she was four.

Virat had no idea he was married to Mili and sends his brother Samir to search for Mili to annul the wedding before his child is born. Then Mili and Samir meet and romance ensues. all this makes for one very messy, very candy, and really humorous love story.

This story features humor, drama, romance, heartbreak… it’s just a well-rounded novel with a ravishing and palpable cultural element. You can hear the music, style, and scent of the meals, and envision the beautiful color combos which are all described in the beautiful elements.

The author has executed the greatest job of descriptions of places and people instantly paint a vivid image that permits you to actually immerse yourself in this story. You would totally love this book. It is simply delightful and one of the must-read Indian books.

9.Sorry, You’re Not My Type by Sudeep Nagarkar 


sorry you are not my type

This is a narrative about friendship, love, desires, want, and the tough actuality of life. The story narrates the friends Vikrant, Anamika, and Yuvi who each discovered one particular person of their life who was undeserving of their love.

all of them turn into Friends on the day of auditions for the band, as they were fascinated about music and hit the cord right, They named them “VAYU” they turn into a prompt hit in college and having fun with the attention given to them.

It is an easy and fast read. A contemporary love story, with plenty of twists and turns.If you might be free and you don’t have anything to read then go for this book.

10.The Right Swipe by Alisha Rai



This is a modern romance that follows Rhiannon Hunter is a formidable entrepreneur, having created a profitable dating app that offers girls security and control, however she desires extra.

If she can purchase Matchmaker, an extra conventional dating service, she will be able to exponentially develop her enterprise and reach. But then Matchmaker declares its new spokesman: former professional soccer player Samson Lima.

Samson was a dating-app hookup who left Rhiannon wanting more, however, he ghosted her after one night. Samson by no means meant to hurt Rhiannon, and he’s decided to win her over.

Samson finds that his curiosity in Rhiannon competes for emotional bandwidth with the issue of dwelling down his legacy as a traitor to his sport. To protest the league’s careless dealing with traumatic brain injuries, which deeply impacted his family and friends.

Samson walked off the sector in the midst of a game. At loose ends, he agrees to co-host an advert marketing campaign with Rhiannon and learns simply how a lot of harassment and abuse she’s had to endure as a black lady developing in the tech startup world.

This book handled such a various and distinctive array of subplots and dealt with all of them spectacularly. This book additionally tackles girls of color being in positions of power and the way others understand that.

This book additionally touches on the subject of CTE, Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy, which is a degenerative mind illness present in athletes or others who’ve repetitive head trauma.


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