Oliver Twist  Charles Dickens Book Review

Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens

Oliver Twist is a book by Charles Dickens.  It was first published in 1837 in the periodical Bentley’s miscellany which Dickens was editor of at the time Tirico. It  is story about a young boy Oliver twist. He has no parents.An evil and adversity assaulted him.  A story is revolve around Oliver’s experiences throughout 18th century London. Story highlights the social issue like child labor,class differences.

  • Writing style of  Oliver Twist Novel is descriptive yet simple.
  • The characters are outlandish and dramatic yet realistic.
  • A story point out the generous  and bad people which has well portrayed.
  • Pace of book is seldom slowing down.


The plot follows this little orphan Oliver is born in mysterious circumstances in a workhouse.  He was no clue to his identity. He removed from the workhouse forcefully. A funeral home business bought him. A funeral home business is brisk for child burials.  He runs away to London after a scuffle with another poor boy. There he  meets all of the characters that most people will be familiar with including the likes of Nancy, The Artful Dodger Fagin and Bill Sikes .

Nancy kidnapped him upon his recovery,  While running an errand and returns to Fagin and company bill Sikes needs a young lad for a robbery. the robbery though goes away.Oliver is shot attempting to escape the family they were robbing take the boy in and back to health. This family includes miss Meili and rose who is portrayed as something close to angelic.  she will in the denouement be revealed as all of his auntie.  it’s a fine life and a small world full of coincidences.

Apparently Nancy kidnapped Oliver again and  goes to the Malee’s and tells them where he is.  Noah Claypole the poor boy who fought with Oliver in the funeral parlour has come to land and seeking his own fortune. he too falls in with Fagan who suspicious of Nancy’s changed behavior asks him to follow the girl all is revealed prompting Sikes to kill her hiding out in London Sikes is cornered and in his escape attempt manages to slip and hang himself.

Praise and Critics

Although the writer has wrote a story very well and in positive manner.

  • week point- Oliver’s character is week,insignificant and less engaging
  • Strong point- Author used connective words and good phrases in order to attract reader.

Overall, The Oliver twist is the novel that is dark throughout but ending give you a relief. So it is wonderful tell and worth reading classic book. This is one of the most famous pieces of English culture for a good reason. it’s wonderful by a country mile. It is an absolute joy for its jet-black satire a beautiful mix of characters both real and cartoonish prose. Perhaps isn’t as elegant and intricate as his later work but there’s still both remarkable and highly enjoyable

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