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into the water is a thriller novel by British author  Paula Hawkins who is the bestselling author of The Girl on the Train. This book is very different from one of the best thriller books ‘The Girl on the Train’. It is a haunting,  complicating, and muddy tale of troublesome women.

into the water Paula Hawkins summary

A single mom turns up dead on the backside of the river that runs by way of the city. Earlier in the summertime, a susceptible teenage girl met the identical destiny. They are usually not the primary women misplace to those darkish waters. however, their deaths disturb the river and its historical past, dredging up secrets long submerged.


The story centers across the English city of Beckford, which lies beside a meandering river.  However, one specific bend within the river referred to as ‘the drowning pool.  It is an ominous spot where hundreds of years in the past used to drown witches.

As the story opens, Beckford’s drowning pool has seen two current tragedies. A fairly, highschool girl named Katie Whittaker drowned herself a couple of weeks ago.  and a lady named Nel Abbott who’s the mom of Katie’s good friend Lena apparently jumped to her death just a few days ago.

In the wake of Nel’s death, her estranged sister Jules returns to Beckford to take care of Nel’s daughter Lena. Jules now seems to have a psychic reference to Nel, who appears to be telling her, ‘I did not jump.’

On an occasion, Nel’s death is investigating by Detective Sean Townsend and his new associate, Detective Erin Morgan.  Erin guidelines out the possibility of the suicide of Nel Abbott. for that, she wants to return in time to discover and unravel these histories that the townsfolk rapaciously needs to be left untouched and hidden beneath the floor of the black and clam river.

into the water book review

  • The book features a native historical past, household dynamics, morally ambiguous characters.  It relies closely on the landscape and incorporates a number of POVs.
  • The narrative is told through the alternating perspectives of over ten different characters.
  • The setting is helping to create a gloomy and edgy atmosphere.
  • It focuses more on the characters, their motivations and relationships, and how that all unfolds throughout the story.
  • The prologue was so deliciously sinister and the plot so initially darkish and twisted.
  • The writing is very compelling and flowing beautifully.

Overall, The plot is reasonable. however, the story is narrating by so many characters and from completely different time frames which are complicating and tough to comply with. This is still an entertaining read and one that I recommend to all murder mystery book lovers.

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