In this post, you will get a Summary of Swami and Friends in 100 words. Swami and his friend is the first novel written by RK Narayan. It has published in 1935. Swami and Friends is a fiction book has written for children. It exhibits how Swami worked together with his friends in his school.

Summary of Swami and Friends in 100 words

Summary of Swami and Friends in 100 words

The story revolves around a ten-year-old schoolboy named Swaminathan and his friends.  The most striking quality of 10-year-old Swami is that he is a playful and mischievous boy. One of Swami’s innocent mischief gets him in hassle and he even comes to the point that he has to run away from home. He lives in the fictional city Malgudi with his father, mother, and granny. He is incurious about school and studies. His only motive is to have fun with his mates Mani, Somu, Sankar, and Samuel. But their friendship disturbed when Rajam, son of the new Police Superintendent arrives.

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Swami and Friends summary of each Chapter

1.Monday Morning-

On Monday morning swami straggle reluctantly in bed because he doesn’t wish to go to school from Monday after two days of leave. He hadn’t accomplished his homework so his father scolds him. So he completes homework in rush and goes to school.

In school, he gets into argument with his scripture teacher named Mr.Ebenezar, who comments on Hinduism. so swami gets offended. Mr.Ebenezar is an extremist. He supports Christianity and mocks the Hindu religion. 

Swami tells his father about this episode. The next day, His father writes a complaining letter to the principal against Mr.Ebenezar for passing insulting comments on Hinduism.

2. Rajam and Mani

In the evening swami and his mighty friend mani sats and chill with their legs dangling within the water of the Sarayu river which is the pride of Malgudi. While they discuss their classmate Rajam who’s the son of a rich Police Superintendent. He spokes English exactly like Europian.

Mani dislikes Ranjam and desires to throw him in the river. In the school mani and Rajam fights to show who is strong and better. Swami acts as a medium between both of them. They determine to meet for the battle on the bank of the river. however, at the time of the fight, they have a small discussion of what they have done to offend one another. and so they turn out to be friends.

3. Swami’s Grandmother

Swami and his grandmother share a beautiful bond. He is more attached to his grandmother than his father and mother. More often, he talks about his friends especially Rajam, to his grandmother.

On Sunday afternoon, Swami and Mani set off to Rajam’s house. They enter the street where the Rajam stays, they flatter to see series of bungalows. At Rajam’s place, he makes them wait deliberately. and after that, to show authority he orders the policeman to get food for his friend and roars at the cook unnecessary.

4.What is a tail?

One day in school, Swami’s friends Somu, Sankar, Samuel make fun of swami. They name him “Rajam’s Tail” because they feel that swami ignores them and flatters Rajam. Somu is the class monitor, Sankar is sharp and intelligent, and Samuel has a small height so everybody gave him the nickname “The pea”. Swami gets hurt due to his friend’s behavior. Absent-minded swami comes home and enjoys playing with a paper boat.

5. Father’s Room

Rajam promise swami to visit his place. swami gets excited and makes preparation to welcome Rajam. After Rajam come he and swami discuss Mr. Ebenezar, trains, tiger hunting, etc. After that swami takes Rajam to meet his grandmother. Rajam and granny talks to each other for a long time.

As the swami enters the class, He sees “Tail” has written on the blackboard in bold letters and he notices his friends laughing at him. Swami gets furious and he slaps Samual and Sankar. They get into the battle. Somu and Mani separate them.

6.A friend in need

Rajam invites Swami and Mani to his place.  At Rajam place, Swami and Mani play a role as cat and dog. They get stunned as they enter the room with eyes shut, mewing, and barking. They noticed Somu, Sankar, and Samuel are already sitting there. Rajam reconciles them and advises them don’t fight ever again. Rajam showers them with presents if they reconcile.

7.A new Arrival

Swami’s mother expects to give birth to a baby. She has been in the bed for two days. Swami feels uneasy because he doesn’t get his mother’s care and attention. His grandmother tells him he is going to have a brother.

8. Before the examination

In the month of April, There are two weeks left for their exams. Swami’s father consistently tabs on his study. Swami gets annoyed as he deprives him of all of the fun he used to have. Mani is so frightened of the exams so he reaches out to “Omniscient Clerk” in order to know about the questions in advance. Mani tells this to swami and the examination gets completed.

9.School Breaks up

Swami finishes the examination and strolls out of the examination hall early. Swami and his friends have a casual conversation about the exam paper. Then they realize they’re now free to enjoy their vacation now so that they discuss how they are going to spend their holidays.

10. The coachman’s son

In the vacations, swami spends days in the dream of riding hoop. He meets a coachman who offers him hoop to play in 5 rupees. But coachman is fraud. He cheats swami. Swami tells Rajam how the coachman tricked him. Rajam comes up with the plan to kidnap the coachman’s son. however, their plan gets fallacious. coachman’s son gets away and his neighbors assault Mani and Swami.

11. In Father’s Presence

Swami’s father Makes him resolve a maths problem even though the holidays are going on. and swami has a great deal of solving it. After a long time in agony, Swami solves the issue accurately and burst into tears.

After Swami’s father understand his behavior towards swami was firm and impolite. So he offers swami to accompany him to the tennis court.

On the tennis court, Swami finds the son of the coachman’s son is working. He points Penknife in the direction of swami. So swami gets petrified that the boy will attack him.

12. Broken Panes

In the month of August, The folks of Malgudi assembles on the bank of the Sarayu river to protest for Indian independence. The leaders are motivating the individuals with their speeches to make use of Indian-made items. Swami and Mani get a move by the speech. English goods get boycotted so swami throws his cap into the fire.

An Indian political chief gets imprisoned therefore The protesters get furious. They wish to hold school off for the day so They forcibly block the entry gate of the school. Swami gets exhilarated by the protest and he begins to throw a stone at the glasses of school for no reason. He breaks the windowpane of the headmaster’s workplace.

Swami sees Rajam’s father ordered his policemen to take firm actions in opposition to the protesters. Swami runs away from there and comes back home. His father informs him that his cap isn’t a British product. It is manufactured from Indian goods.

The next day, the headmaster wants to testify to Swami’s act of breaking the window panes.  He calls the peon into the class.  Swami gets punished and in anger, he runs away criticizing the school authorities as foreigners.

13. The ‘MCC’

Swami gets admission to the Board School. But his friends are in the mission school so he misses them. Rajam decides to make a cricket team. He wants to give it the name MCC (Malgudi Cricket Club). All his friends get agreed to be a part of it. Swami throws the first ball and Rajam gets out. So his friends give him the nickname “Tate”, after Maurice Tate, an English quick bowler.

14. Granny Shows her ignorance

One night, Swami’s grandmother feels unwell so she tells swami to bring some lemon. But he ignores her and goes to play. Later he realizes he has ignored her and feels sorry for his mistake.

Swami finds that the boarding school is extra demanding and terrifying. At the school, every student has to join the drill practice at night. Hence, Swami often gets late for the bowling practice so Rajam gets irritated.

Rajam decides to speak to the headmaster of the Board School and to request him to permit Swami to flee the drill. Swami doesn’t like the thought and tries to keep away from this situation. But Rajam refuses to change his mind and he takes Swami to the headmaster’s office. The headmaster declines their request.

15.Before the Match

The MCC schedules a cricket match in opposition to another local team YMU (Young Men’s Union). Swami tells a doctor named Dr. Kesavan about this problem. Dr. Kesavan agrees to persuade his headmaster about this.

Swami gets delighted and began to skip the drill practices. During the geography period, the headmaster enters swami’s class.  Dr. Kesavan deceives swami. He doesn’t speak about this problem to the headmaster. When the headmaster comes to learn about Swami missing the drill practices, he threatens to beat him.

Swami gets frightened and runs away from the school. Swami fears that his father will probably be very angry, so he decides to run away. He goes to his previous school and meets Rajam and tells him about his running away from the Board School. Later wandering here and there, Swami gets into the forest. He gets scared and falls senseless.

16. Swami Disappears

When Swami does not return house till 10 pm, Swami’s father begins to seek Swami in the city. He goes to Rajam’s home but he doesn’t get any clue about Swami’s whereabouts. Swami’s mom and grandmother get nervous and anxious about his well-being.

The moral of the story Swami and Friends teaches us the simplicity and transition of childhood friendship.

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