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The Reunion Paula Hawkins

The Reunion is a romantic fiction written by Paula Hawkins. The book has published under the name of Amy Silver in September 2013. This book tells the story of a once inseparable bunch of friends, who, in a whirlwind of tragedies, insecurities, and betrayals, come to seek out themselves alone.

The Reunion by Paula Hawkins plot

This novel is set in varies between Ireland, England, and France. The story of betrayal, friendship, and secrets begins with six old mates who haven’t spoken in years.

Jen, Dan, Nat, Andrew, and Lilah were best friends and inseparable at university. They haven’t spoken in the seventeen years since they left. With information to share Jen invitations them underneath false pretenses to spend a weekend at her house in France.

The house which’s haunted by the joyful and unhappy reminiscences of the summers the group shared there. When a snowstorm hits, the group has trapped and is pressuring to confront the previous and untangle the messy. and sophisticated relationships they’ve with each other in addition to confront the blame and guilt they really feel over the half they performed on that life-changing day.

The Reunion by Paula Hawkins Review

  • The plot has written from several viewpoints and told through three sections; the reunion of the six friends, the events of the past, and then what happens after the reunion.
  • It throws the reader backward and forwards in time throughout the chapters and in excerpts of letters written between friends.
  • Each character is so well developed. They’re all incredibly human with both good and bad traits. you have the typical university bunch – the sensible one, clever one, gorgeous one, wild one, and of course, the lost one.
  • The writing is really good and descriptive. The author has a lovely way of bringing characters to life.
  • The author has captured the true essence of friendship and written to its smallest detail.
  • The story flows really well, there is fine attention to detail and such good imagery.


Overall, The Reunion is a well-written novel about forgiveness and letting go of the past.  It’s a melancholy story with plenty of guilt and regret. It is a thoughtful, and thought-provoking, and really enjoyable book with some surprises along the way.  A must-read for those who are looking for a story with great depth and emotion.

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