In this post, you will discover Three Thousand Stitches Summary and Review This book is written by an Indian author and social worker Sudha Murthy.

Three Thousand Stitches Summary

In the Three Thousand Stitches: Ordinary People, Extraordinary Lives Kindle Sudha Murthy has narrated an experience she got when she was a young girl, a college student, and a Chairperson of Infosys Foundation. It is one of the best Sudha Murthy short stories.

summary of the book three thousand stitches

The book consists of 11 tales; All the tales are influenced by the author’s life.

The first story has the title Three Thousand Stitches. In this story, the author has an intention to erase the devadasi system. That’s why she makes an effort to attain her dream. However, at the time her father provides her some sensible advice her efforts flip into triumph.

In How to beat the boys the author told the story about her engineering college days.  and the way she handled the conditions there. During she studied in engineering college she was the only girl. The author has additionally narrated how this experience helped her in some ways.

In ‘Food for thought’ is a narrative the author narrates her experience when she went to her friend’s residence for lunch. Her friend’s father was a botanist. so she gets to learn the origins of varied vegetables and fruits and the way they arrive in India.

In ‘Three handfuls of water,’ The writer talks in regards to the early acquaintance of her with the place of Kashi and how essential it’s to go to Kashi.

In this story, the writer narrates her experience when she had gone to the airport and somebody referred to her as cattle class due to she had worn simple clothes. However, ultimately, it has a significant twist.

In ‘A life unwritten’ depicts the story of the author’s father. He was on duty in the remote area where he was forced to ship a child of an unmarried woman. It is so fascinating to read the further story when this girl meets the writer’s father years later.

In ‘No place like home’ the writer meets some women who’re the housemaid within the Middle East they usually all are going through with the dangerous experience.

‘A powerful ambassador’ says a narrative about Bollywood and the way it well-known across the globe.

‘Rasleela and the swimming pool’ is the story where the writer narrates mythological tales to her grandchildren.

The subsequent story is ‘A day in Infosys foundation’. In this story, The writer’s old good friend complains because she thinks the writer doesn’t have time for her friend and she is so busy. So, the writer invited her to spend the entire day together with her.

‘I can’t we can’ is the story where the writer got here to know about the spectacular group of ‘Alcoholics Anonymous. She attended their conferences and completely cherished their dedication to reforming their habit.

Three Thousand stitches review

Each story in this book is soothing, heartwarming, and stuffed with positivity. It exhibits that it is the easiest acts of courage and kindness that touch the lives of others. The book will grip you from the very first chapter itself. each chapter has a unique story to teach and an excellent lesson to learn. The writing style is so easy that makes us really feel related. A perfect and simple book for a newbie reader.

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